5 Days to Christmas


December 20, 2013

Well we have 5 days until Christmas & we are beyond excited at the Johnson home!!  Coming in at a close second to excitement is thankfulness! Thankful for so many reasons but one of them being…. not having to clean up after our very mischievous Elf on the Shelf after next week.  Her name is Carter and she is one little, wild elf!  Whaaahahahaha, she says!!  She has been getting into all kinds of trouble since her arrival; like trying to make snow out of toilet tissue, fishing for goldfish in the sink & tying poor Mason up with Christmas lights!!  (He’s such a good sport!)  Who knows what kind of mischief she’ll get into tonight…. praying it’s not a zip line to the Christmas tree!  Although no one is supposed to touch the Elf because her Christmas magic is very fragile nor talk to her or see her move…. I was able to catch her in the act with Dad’s trail camera.  Mom’s pretty sneaky too!  Enjoy some of the footage captured in the wee hours of the morning! 🙂



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