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I believe there is no greater gift than being a mother, and being able to see the photographs I have of me and my daughters lets me enjoy that gift over and over again. They tell our family’s story and illustrate how unconditionally we love each other. This is why I love documenting such a special time of life, because for every tough and messy day, there are hundreds of moments packed with joy and unconditional love. I hope to freeze those moments, unveiling just how extraordinary and beautiful this life with our babies really is.

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Corey. A maternity, newborn, baby and family photographer serving the Atlanta area.


Photography is what allows me to curate the moments of life into our family’s unique story. It lets us continue to celebrate those memories every time we see an image. That’s what my photos are all about. 

I reach beyond the clutter that life throws at us to compose clean, artful portraits that highlight the beauty of motherhood and what being a family means. We transform the space where we are into something comfortable, gorgeous and authentic using natural light and a soft color palette to inspire warmth and embody real life. The result is truly luxurious works of art for every family I meet.

Turning life’s everyday moments into fine art 

Beauty in everyday

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the best things in life (no one can convince me otherwise):

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that brand new baby smell

a good thunderstorm, contagious belly laughs, dimpled baby thighs, quiet morning coffee, an afternoon nap, taking the path less traveled and seeing it pay off and - of course - documenting all the things while we do them

snuggles with my girls

belting my favorite song with the windows down

watching the sunset on the beach

an ice cold margarita

Mom's chocolate chip cookies

Yellowstone... but also Hallmark

I'm a Country girl!

Anywhere there's a beach

Too many to choose!

What it looks
like in             ...

My girls show me the meaning of love every single day, even when life is messy. And while I may not be showing off pictures of the food I cook, I know my girls will have had fun in the kitchen. 

The beauty of life happens where you let it ... and sometimes that's just right on the floor!

A few moments together away from our everyday hustle and bustle, where our only plans are having fun!

My girls weren’t given the choice to be camera shy, but I love catching their little expressions when they don’t know I am taking the picture.

my world


Ready to capture your family’s story? Get in touch today, and let’s start planning how we can preserve your precious memories, so that you can enjoy them forever.

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