Using soft neutrals, natural textures and detailed layers, we will style a look together that is fresh, simple and highlights the essence of what makes these precious moments with your babies so beautiful. 

With subtle yet purposeful wardrobe choices of light and neutral tones, we enhance the beauty of you and your family that will magnify the emotional connections in each photograph. 


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Neutral tones

layers & texture

it's all in the details

With muted colors like ivory, white, tan, gray, camel, peach, soft pastels and subdued browns, you open possibilities for a sophisticated, timeless look that will be breathtaking and beautiful. Avoid harsh blacks or dark colors, stiff starched shirts or heavy patterns; instead keep your clothing light and comfortable.  

Our eye is naturally drawn to pretty, shiny things, so focus on the details when you’re preparing for your session. Paint your nails clear or with a soft color. Use accessories that complement your style, but aren’t bulky or distracting. Treat yourself to a professional hair and makeup session – it adds confidence that will undoubtedly shine through in your photographs. 

My belief is that he greatest beauty is revealed in simplicity, so I add depth and interest to your family and newborn portraits by building in layers of natural textures and intriguing accessories. This mix adds dimension to a photo without distracting us from the subject. 

pulling it all together

Choosing what to wear for your portrait session is the question I am asked most by my clients. I get it—it’s all about simplicity, yet we’re planning lots of details. What really matters is that you and your family choose things that make you feel like yourselves. 

What you wear sets the tone for your portrait session. How you feel while we're shooting is what you'll see come through in the finished photograph. I believe choosing outfits and accessories that reflect your own style will make you feel most at ease… we can polish the rest together, and the resulting portrait will be something truly beautiful.

And for mamas, I offer exclusive access to my Client Closet, where you can peruse a curated collection of dresses I’ve collected to complement your own style eliminating the hassle of shopping for yourself! 

Spring Tones

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Summer Tones

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Fall Tones

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Winter Tones

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Below you'll find seasonal styling ideas featuring timeless and classic color suggestions.


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Hey, beautiful Mama!

Hey, beautiful Mama!

Don't know what to wear for your session or where to start? We've got you covered - ask about our client wardrobe! 

Corey has carefully curated a variety of flowy dresses in soft, lovely tones and delicate prints that have been hand-selected to complement her style of photography. Our client closet is filled with luxurious, high-end pieces that are available for mothers to use during sessions.

We totally understand that mamas are busy! Please contact us for more details about using our client wardrobe for your session.


Ready to capture your family’s story? Get in touch today, and let’s start planning how we can preserve your precious memories, so that you can enjoy them forever.

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